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HAZOP+ Online Readiness Assessment

The HAZOP Readiness Assessment is available in two versions: short and extended.

It explores the current practice with HAZOP studies at the plant or site in question, including questions regarding frequency, depth and documentation of HAZOP studies, the quality of documents and data used in the HAZOP study, the extent to which operations issues are included, and the way how systematically HAZOP is embedded in managemnt processes.

The evaluation includes recommendations how to ensure an efficient and effective HAZOP study, based on the experience in various companies and organisations, and provides you with hints what you should or could improve.
The extended version goes more in the detail and leads into a discussion with our experts how we can help you perform an effective HAZOP study in the most efficient way.


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A much more detailed questionnaire is available. A detailed evaluation can be provided for an affordable fee.

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These questions and resulting recommendations for 'HAZOP Readiness' are used in a cooperation between ProSafeX and atlan-tec.